Top Ten Tips to Succeed in the National Geography Bee

  1. Reference books: Read and understand world geography through reference books, encyclopedias, and the National Geographic magazine.

  2. "World in Excel" spreadsheet: Use a spreadsheet like the "World in Excel" to look up and memorize geographic facts, compare and contrast .

  3. Country profiles: Understanding the physical, political, and economic features of every country is very important. Use "World in Excel" as an easy guide to memorize facts on all 192 countries of the world.

  4. Maps: Study world maps - political, physical, climatic, historical, economic, etc.

  5. Outline maps / blank maps: Use outline/blank maps to excel at locating places. Location is one of the most important themes of geography.

  6. Different aspects of geography: Understand different aspects of geography - cultural (human), political, physical, economic, historical, travel etc. Become familiar with the exports, economic facts, history, major physical features, key cities, cultures, languages, religions, and ethnic groups of each country.

  7. Current events: Become up to date with current affairs and global events. BBC News ( is the best source for international news.

  8. Geography trivia/quizzes: Play geography quizzes to hone your geography knowledge.

  9. Discussion forums: Participate in geography discussion forums.

  10. ...and last, but not least...also most important of all: Please donít let your interest wear out after the geography competition and donít just study for the sake of competition. Please let your quest continue and aim to become a true global citizen.

Good Luck.

- Neeraj Sirdeshmukh
(Second place winner at National Geographic Bee, 2006)