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What's New ? Five new quizzes for the State Bee * Maps quiz featuring six continents * New resource - where on earth is it located? * New resource - Wonders of the World * New resource - Geography in the news * Geography awareness week crossword puzzle
Geography Trivia, geography bee questions
United States Geography
Geography Trivia and geography bee questions by a winnerHow well do you know the geography of the United States?
Geography Resources
Dances of the world
Earth's extremes - Political
Earth's extremes - Physical
Ethnic Groups
Highest Points
Important Geographic Lines
Major Exports
Ocean currents
US State Nicknames
US States Brief Review
Wind names
Wonders of the world
World Languages
World Religions
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Geography Awareness Week
  November 15 - 21  
  Test your "Globalligence"  
  A global intelligence crossword puzzle  
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Top ten tips to succeed in GeoBee
  A lot of our users prepare for the National Geography Bee. So we asked a past winner what are the tips to succeed in this prestigious competition so that our users can benefit. Click the links below to read what he has to say.  
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Our users say
  "The site was very helpful ... my daughter is going to use it too" - Mother of a student who finished in the top 10 in Geobee 2009.  
  "What I like about the site is that it is completely focused on geography trivia unlike other sites where geography trivia is one among hundreds of other topics" - Sid  
  "I was looking for resources to prepare my son for the Geography Bee and mygeotrivia meets my requirements. The questions are closest to what would be asked in the competition" - Ash, Dallas  
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